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The Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia (MISA) is committed to delivering excellent services with the highest ethical standards and transparency to meet the needs of its stakeholders.

As part of its continuous improvement, MISA has introduced dedicated policies, procedures and channels for all stakeholders – including MISA employees – to report any allegations of fraud and/or corruption.

All reports will be treated in strict confidence, handled with impartiality and in a timely manner, in line the the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s rules and laws in this area.

Who can submit a report? 

A report can be submitted by any MISA employee, partner, or concerned individual who is aware of any fraud and corruption-related violation which occurs in the course of the Ministry’s work.

What reports are covered by MISA’s policy?

Reports on violations relating to Ministry’s work are received and may be classified as:

  • A violation to the regulations governing the work of the Ministry, whether administrative or contractual matters, or matters over investor services
  • Violations or breach in regulations,  bylaws, rules, instructions, and evidence governing the work of the Ministry, Human Resources Administrative Regulations and the Code of Business Conduct.
  • Fraud or any attempt to forge records and reports.
  • Abuse of the Ministry's equipment and property in violation of its intended purposes, including its  Computer Use Regulations
  • Violation of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and the non-disclosure of information, including  but not limited to: confidential contracts and agreements, bids, tenders, employee-related information, and any other confidential information.
  • Any other violations, including theft, fraud, bribery, breach of trust and falsification, as well as violation to the Kingdom's laws and regulations.
  • Nepotism and the influence of personal interests on Ministry matters
  • Fraud, embezzlement, corruption and any conduct leading to such cases.
  • Endangering of the lives and safety of individuals.
  • Protection of violators.

What reports are not covered by MISA’s policy?

  • Lawsuits and cases that are subject to formal judicial procedures and brought before the courts
  • Lawsuits and cases which contain a judicial decision or awaiting judgement
  • Issues classified as employment rights which fall within the administration of human resources, such as promotions, bonuses and staff disputes.
  • Issues relating to violation regarding any Foreign Investment Law.

Terms and conditions of making reports

  • Ensure information submitted seeks to provide credibility by avoiding rumors, fears and unsubstantiated allegations.
  • Maintain objectivity, avoiding personal disagreements, denunciation and vengeance, harming or discrediting persons of good faith, and exploiting or employing the reporting for personal gains, or for discrediting the Ministry and its affiliates.
  • Ensure accuracy in information provided with clarity in the reporting language, avoiding incomprehensible symbols or references, missing or fragmented information, and indicating all details relevant to the report, including a description of the alleged violation and its location, along with any relevant evidence if available.
  • Reports should be made in good faith and within the scope of issues covered by the Ministry’s policy
  • The Ministry assures to never disclose the identity of the whistleblower to any entity that is not entitled know their identity and to protect them from any practices that may arise against them as any form consequence.
  • There may, however, be circumstances in which, due to the nature of the investigation, it may be necessary to disclose the identity of the reporter. This may occur in connection with relevant investigations or disciplinary or legal proceedings. In such circumstances, the Ministry will do its utmost to notify reporters that their identity is likely to be disclosed and  all reasonable steps will be taken to protect them from any retaliation or detriment as a result of violation reporting.
  • If it is necessary for reporters to participate in the investigation, MISA assurers their identity will kept confidential, unless otherwise determined by the courts that their identity may be disclosed to third parties during the investigation.
  • If the reporter is unknown, the Ministry will conduct the necessary investigation as long as relevant information is made available. However, in the absence of information due to the anonymity of the source, the investigation will be suspended, and the report will be kept.
  • The reporter shall maintain strict confidentiality of report in the public interest, giving the Ministry the opportunity to take the necessary measures regarding the report and to conduct the necessary research and investigation in accordance with its established procedures. In case any report-related matter is discussed with third parties, the reporter shall immediately report the same through the official reporting channels.
  • Concerned persons who genuinely raise concerns in good faith under a procedure that may not be subjected to any detriment as a result of such action. Detriment includes unwarranted disciplinary action or victimization. If a reporter believes that they are being subjected to a detriment within the workplace as a consequence, they shall report the incident immediately.
  • Employees who victimize or retaliate against reporters will be subject to disciplinary actions in accordance with the procedures adopted in the Ministry.
  • The Ministry bears no legal consequences if the investigation proves that there is no ground for the report or that the reporter intended to harm a particular person by means of intrigue and deliberate lying, in which case the Ministry is entitled to disclose the report to the competent authorities if the Ministry proves that it is a malicious complaint.
  • If the reporter makes a false or incorrect report, discrediting the Ministry or one of its members or causing any kind of harm or trouble, the Ministry is entitled to take disciplinary actions against that reporter if it is a member of the Ministry or if it is an external party, so that he/ she will be treated as required by the Rules for limiting the effects of malicious complaints and invalid suits issued by the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (94) of 25/ 04/ 1406 H.

        To complete the submission of the report, please read, accept and comply with all the above terms and conditions.

How to make a report

MISA assures its stakeholders that all reported issues made through the following channels will be treated confidentially and within the rules and laws that govern the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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