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Foreign Direct Investment

Survey of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Ministry of Investment (MISA) offers several incentives for companies responding to the quarterly survey of FDI as per the relative weights.

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Targeted entity

Foreign companies inside the KSA having a foreign capital shareholding of 10% or more.

About the survey

Ministry of Investment (MISA) seeks to support the private sector in the KSA by developing FDI. Therefore, MISA has electronically carried out the direct survey directed to the companies having FDIs inside the KSA during the referred-to quarter, Best international standards and methodologies are applied.

Survey objective

To obtain accurate and comprehensive data on FDI flows inside the KSA according to The International Classification for the Economic Activities (ISIC4), to properly forecast the future developments in order to enable the decision makers to develop encouraging policies which help enhance the economic activities and the private sector, and to come up with solutions appropriate to the challenges facing the companies. The survey primarily aims to generate data on FDI flows, stocks, and investment income inside KSA, in a way that improves the statistics internationally published about the KSA.

Description of the requested data

The survey includes a number of questions about some descriptive variables and characteristics of each company such as: the date of establishment, the commercial registry, economic activity, geographic area (company location), company branches, company shareholder structure, and some financial variables related on the equities, assets and liabilities of the company, which are associated with the with the company's foreign shareholders, affiliates and subsidiaries of the direct investment enterprises.


# Incentives Membership Category Incentive Continuity
1 Honoring by His Excellency the Minister
2 Appreciation Certificates to be sent to the company
3 Sending MISA’s bulletins and reports to the company for a year
4 Sending a report on FDI along with its sectoral and geographical analyses to the company
Quarterly and yearly
5 Publishing a list of the companies benefiting from the incentives on the MISA’s website under the list of Statistically Cooperating Companies (SCC List), with a link to the website of each company
6 Promoting MISA’s accounts on social media upon publishing the list of the companies responding to the survey
7 Inviting the responding companies to attend conferences and events organized or supervised by MISA
8 A representative of MISA to attend any conference or event held by the company, e.g. opening new offices and branches, or company’s expansion

Companies Benefiting from Survey Incentives

Categorization Mechanism

Incentives are categorized according to company size:

  • Large companies
  • Medium companies
  • Small companies

Classification Mechanism

Sizes of the companies are classified according to the relative weight of three variables:

  • Number of employees: 40%
  • Company’s Income in the last year: 30%
  • Company’s Capital: 30%

Selection Mechanism

Top ten companies shall be selected out of each category to benefit from the incentives, to be divided into three categories:

  • Platinum category: Places from 1st to 3rd.
  • Gold category: Places from 4th to 7th.
  • Silver category: Places from 8th to 10th.

Selection Criteria of providing incentives

Data quality:

  • First level
  • Second level
  • Third level

Responding to all quarterly surveys conducted yearly by MISA

Quick response to satisfy the survey:

  • First week
  • Second week
  • Third week
  • Fourth week

Promotion by the company for the survey through the network of relationships with other foreign companies in KSA

Uploading quarterly and yearly financial statements to the survey system.

  • Imam Saud bin Abdulaziz bin Mohamed Road – Nakheel District Building #3966 Postal Code # 12382