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Investment License

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Investment License Requirements

For the Beneficiaries of the National Anti-Commercial Concealment Campaign

In order to obtain the investment license, the following requirements shall be met:

A review completion on the application submitted to the platform of the National Anti-Commercial Concealment Program

If the applicant is a KSA resident, the Saudi guarantor shall submit a No Objection Certificate (NOC)

A proof that the entity’s revenues for the last financial year are 2 million riyals or higher through an approved budget, or the number of workers is 50 or higher under the social insurance certificates.

The new foreign partner shall have a residence permit prior to the correction period, and shall be working in the applicant entity.

The commercial registration of the applicant entity shall be issued prior to the correction campaign.

Application Mechanism

After obtaining an approval number from the Committee for Correcting the Status of Violators of the Anti-Concealment Law, the following procedures shall be carried out:


Visiting the website of the Ministry of Investment.


Accessing the E-Services Portal and signing up https://investsaudi. sa/ar/login#register-quick


Completing the investment license application as per the activity.


Attaching the documents supporting your request.


Pay the bill (After approval) to issue the license


Apply through Ministry of commerce to complete the process of issuing establishment contract or Commercial Register

Correction Campaign of the Status of Violators of the Anti-Concealment Law @misa Ministry of investment