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Investment Principles and Policies in the Kingdom

1- Ensure equality between Saudi and non-Saudi investors, and among non-Saudi
2- Ensure the protection of investments, in line with the Kingdom’s regulations.
3- Enhance the sustainability of investments and deal with investor complaints in a
transparent manner.
4- Provide investment incentives when needed and ensure full transparency when
granting. Provide a list of investment incentives and grant them in accordance with
general, clear and non-discriminatory criteria.
5- Maintain environmental and social standards in order to ensure that Saudi and
non-Saudi investors comply with regulations regarding labor, health, and
environmental safety in accordance with national regulations and policies and the
international conventions in which Saudi has acceded.
6- Facilitate entry procedures for non-Saudi employees including technicians,
administrators, and their dependents. Arrange their residency in the Kingdom to
facilitate their participation in activates related to foreign investments in accordance
with the Kingdom’s regulations and its international obligations.
7- Transfer and localize science and technology resulting from foreign direct
investment in accordance with the Kingdom’s international obligations