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Investor Support

Market and Economic intelligence

  • Provide standard information packages
  • Provide periodic reports and case studies
  • Develop Ad-hoc info packages/reports
  • Share contacts and database

Matchmaking and linkage

Connect to:

  • Industry/trade associations, commissions
  • large local companies for potential partnership
  • professional services
  • other FDI companies for reference
  • SMEs for supply-chain universities & research centers

Site visits

  • Plan trip, set-up logistics and bookings
  • Set up meetings with ministries and other stakeholder

Location search

  • Provide High-touch guide on site/property search
  • Connect with real estate agencies for deep assistance and evaluation

Set-up assistance

  • Provide advice on corporate structure
  • Liaise with Gov. entities and provide advice on applying for visas, permits, licenses and utilities
  • Connect with executive onboarding assistance agencies
  • Connect with recruiting employees agencies
  • Generate publicity, joint press release, launch events
  • Connect with financial partners for co-financing and support

Business Case and Study Incentives

  • Advise and develop specific incentive packages, and mediate negotiations with local authorities
  • Build business case and feasibility studies

Improving Business Climate

  • Develop policy recommendations based on feedback
  • Submit investors’ proposals for amendment of legislation
  • Troubleshoot investor operational issues